Lansell & Bassford ​
Events Spaces at All Seasons Resort Hotel Bendigo ​
Our versatile Lansell and Bassford rooms are thoughtfully designed to accommodate events of any size and type. ​

To complement your event, the Lansell and Bassford room comes equipped with its own private bar, ensuring that your guests have everything they need at their fingertips.​

These rooms can be easily configured to meet the unique requirements of your show or event, thanks to the adaptable bi-fold doors to be combine the tow, or as four small event rooms. Our most sought-after setup combines the Lansell and Bassford rooms, offering an expansive space that can be customised to suit any performance style.​

The Lansell and Bassford Room is the ideal choice for large conferences, seminars, trade exhibitions, gala dinners, and corporate events. Their acoustic bi-fold doors provide flexibility, allowing us to tailor the space precisely to your event's needs. Whether you're planning a conference, a trade show, or a gala dinner, our Lansell and Bassford rooms offer the perfect setting for a seamless and successful gathering.​

Lansell and Bassford Combined Room Details

Standing Room Capacity - 600
Banquet Room Capacity - 400
Space size - 630.55m2

Lansell 1 Room Details

Standing Room Capacity - 180
Banquet Room Capacity - 80
Space size - 222.30m2

Lansell 2 Room Details

Standing Room Capacity - 80
Banquet Room Capacity - 60
Space size - 110.80m2

Bassford 1 Room Details

Standing Room Capacity - 180
Banquet Room Capacity - 120
Space size - 185m2

Bassford 2 Room Details

Standing Room Capacity - 100
Banquet Room Capacity - 70
Space size - 127.5m2

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